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He had permission to be there. . There was a main hospital building and an Annex." Which Hospital? I've recently been in touch with Lynda Mine who has contributed a lot to the EdinPhoto web site. . At the time I was there these huts were used to house kids with deformities caused by thalidomide given to their mums during pregnancy. Allegedly they got the plans mixed. Cuthberts Milk Float with the horse -  Edinburgh and Dumfries

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milk float. It passes through the hockey-stick shaped wood mentioned by Bob Wyllie, and ends in front of Redford Barracks." Brian Clapp:  August 27, 2008. Valerie Turner, esk, Queensland, Australia -  The Big Store -  Wooden Horses. I tried to do some research last year and was able to confirm that it was definitely Bonaly Tower (the background fits with the steps, windows and sculpture visible but I found nothing about what Bonaly Tower had been used for during the War.

It was always a draw. . Wish I could do that now!" Return to Edinburgh "Sandra Goodall flew over from Canada to spend a week with me recently. . When I worked there in the late-1950s/early-1960s, it was a children's hospital. Les Braby Borders, Scotland Thank you to Les Braby who wrote: Princes Margaret Rose Hospital "I notice my old friend Allan Dodds has commented on the Princes Margaret Rose hospital in his Recollections 45 above. . Lynda Maine Colinton Mains, Edinburgh - Deliveries. The date escapes me though." The Barracks " While writing of the Colinton area, I notice that the Riding School at Redford Cavalry Barracks was due to be demolished after a lot of legal hassle about listing.  She was a beautiful woman." Leaving Colinton "My daughter couldn't believe that we all actually left Colinton, but when my Dad came back from the war he'd been in Trinidad and the  West Indies, and we were still in our cold damp house. .

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Cuthberts groceries van that came around on a Friday. A few minutes later, there was the sound of police bells and and Army Police arriving at my house. While performing her duty as a ReMax Camosun Realtor showing a vacant home For Sale to a couple. . If you have any information which could lead to the arrest of the people involved in Lindsays murder please contact crime stoppers or Lindsays father Jeff Buziak: There is a reward being offered. Sorry I can't be of more help, always willing though. John Gordon Easdale, Oban, Argyll Bute, Scotland Redford Barracks Railway - Open Space: Late-1940s - Elliot Pk Gdns: World War II - The Line of Trees - Redford Barracks. Peter Stubbs, Edinburgh: March 13, 2012 Recollections. His description of the nurses head-dresses could apply to nuns." Ian Taylor, South Glasgow, Scotland: Recollections. Peter D Giles Australia Thank you to Peter D Giles for writing again. I did have cousins who lived at 295 (I think) Colinton Mains Road. Unfortunately, it has taken me until now to find the time to add his comments from those emails to this page. Bob Wyllie Brussels, Belgium - Craiglockhart Road - Railway Question. He now lives in St Ives, New South Wales, Australia. Val Turner, Esk, Queensland, Australia: February 5, 2008. They also played 'The Thunder and Lightning Polka'. . Lynda site gratuit rencontre site de rencontre amoureuse gratuit sans inscription Maine Colinton Mains, Edinburgh Lynda Maine, Colinton, Edinburgh, replied: St Cuthbert's Store "I remember my mothers share number. . Her killers and planners are still free. . We'd never had anything tasting like bread with real butter! . The heard had one Jersey cow called Caroline." Transport "In the school holidays the postman would give a gang of us, about 4 or 5 children, a lift away up past Torphin Reservoir and up to Bonaly castle. The parade was to boost morale and Montgomery was the head of the parade" Question "Does anyone recollect this parade, and are there are any photos of it?" Rachel Carr, Gloucester, Gloucestershire, England: July 21, 2012 Recollections. Val Turner, Esk, Queensland, Australia: March 8, 2008. At Christmas, we'd come home from the city, sitting upstairs in the tramcar, and count all the Christmas trees in house windows. Part became Craiglockhart Road. She then told me to take them next door to where an Air Raid Warden lived. Most of us were in cots." Nurses' Uniforms "We had a few nurses attending to us ever day with the small normal head-dresses on, but over in the main hospital building, at least to a few of the nurses wore very big head-dresses that looked. I remember when we came to Australia, and had to travel for about 1 hr on the train to get into Melbourne where we worked, my sister and I would sit in 'our corner' and sing all the way, much to the shocked expressions. But my sisters and I know where we'd rather be! . David Say New South Wales, Australia World War II Thank you to David Say for the following recollections. .

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Also, Is it likely that she would have lived on camp, in barracks, or in a share house near the factory with other working women? We used to rise with the Reveille bugle from Redford Barracks, but did not necessarily retire to the Last Post which we also heard." Craiglockhart Road (and the small cul-de-sac on the 1940 map) can be found towards the upper right corner of these two. I only had mum's old corsets! Saturday shopping in town was often done by train to the Caledonian Station at the west end of Princess Street. . None of the RAF men had aircrew badges, but almost all of them wore RAF Volunteer Reserve badges and all appeared to be officers (most of relatively junior rank). Ray Melville Rosyth, Fife, Scotland -  Princes Margaret Rose Hospital. His van was emblazoned with the words 'T Frew, Fruit Vegetables' or similar. .

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Rencontre femme divorce algerie mission He also owned the grocery store next." Jenny Neil (née Bayne April 19, 2013 Recollections. The sweet shop/tobacconist is now a house. . I used to play on them with Sandra Goodall. . Adults excitedly welcomed back the banana. . brown waxy packets with 2 crossed flags on the front.
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